Are there set visiting times?
Visitors are welcome anytime during reasonable hours but we do ask that meal times be avoided if possible. As we are a very active home, it is advisable that visitors let us know in advance so we can ensure you are in.

How much does it cost?
The cost varies according to the help you need. If the Local Authority funds you they will determine how much you have to contribute and either you will pay it to them or to us as their agent.

Can I go out when I want?
The home is not locked except at night and you can come and go as you please but we ask you to keep us informed for your own safety.

Can I keep my own doctor?
If you already live close to Morecambe then this is highly probable, however your doctor has the final say on this. If you have to change and want assistance, we are happy to help.

What happens if I donít want to stay?
Everyone comes to Bare Hall on a four-week trial to give you chance to see if you like us and us chance to make sure we can meet your needs. Anytime during this period, you can leave without notice but after this, we do usually ask for four weeks notice.

What time do I have to go bed?
The choice is yours and if you need assistance, there are members of staff always available to help you.

When can I have a bath and will staff help me?
It is up to you when you bathe and staff will assist if you want them to. We try and follow the routines you had at home whenever possible as many of our new residents prefer this.

If any question has not been answered or for further information feel free to Contact Us at any time.

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